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The coming 2018 iPhones and iPads will get the iPhone X’s most controversial feature

The iPhone X brought two new signature features in the industry that also happen to be most controversial:

  1. an all-screen design with a notch cut out of the display
  2. and a 3D depth-sensing front camera system that can securely identify users.



Face ID is a solution Apple came up with after deciding to ditch the physical home button and replace that entire bottom area with more screen real estate. The iPhone still required a sophisticated, fast, and secure method to authenticate users, and facial recognition was it. 

While the iPhone X was delayed significantly last year because manufacturing Face ID components wasn’t easy, that’s not the case this year. All 2018 iPhones are expected to come with a TrueDepth camera. Furthermore, two new iPad models are also going to support Face ID, a new report says.

Suppliers of 3D sensors that make Face ID will see a “bright” second half of the year thanks to robust demand for 3D sensors, Digitimes reports. Supply chain sources told the site that three iPhones and two new iPad versions are supposed to be released in the late third quarter of 2018. All these devices should support Face ID, which would significantly drive up demand for key components.

Apple will be shipping three distinct iPhones in stores this year,  including an affordable 6.1-inch LCD model, a 5.8-inch iPhone X successor, and a second OLED device, the “iPhone X Plus” with a 6.5-inch screen.

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