Sony Thinks It Can Find PS4 Fortnite Cross Play Solution

Fortnite is one the the most famous game this year. The game is available on almost all platforms including PC, Xbox, Ninetendo Switch and Plastation 4.  While Fortnite cross play is possible between the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, Yet Sony doesn’t allow it on the PlayStation 4.  That is why fans have been frustrated by this and after its initial response to criticism failed to assuage concerns, Sony is addressing the matter again now. 

The problem is that Fortnite players can’t use an account that has been used on the PlayStation 4 with the Nintendo Switch or the Xbox One. This means that they basically have to start from scratch on the other consoles if they started playing the game on PS4 first. Obviously, that stinks cause it can cost players a lot of achievements and unlocks. 

It seems that Sony has been listening to the feedback from fans. Sony Interactive Entertainment America CEO Shawn Layden tells Eurogamer that the company is listening to the concerns and that it’s looking at a lot of the possibilities.

We don’t know when Sony will elaborate more on what it’s considering. It may allow progression and sync but may not allow cross-play which will prevent Fortnite players on PS4 from playing with their friends on an Xbox One or Nintendo Switch. At least it will save players the trouble of having to start over on another platform.

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