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Samsung might launch its Galaxy X foldable smart-phone in the early 2019

Samsung is expected to launch its all new Galaxy X with a foldable design in the early 2019.

Samsung’s Galaxy X smartphone, codenamed “Winner”, is a fully bendable and foldable device that, when flat, will be the size of a small tablet, the Wall Street Journal reports.

The device will launch in early 2019, its sources say. This aligns with previous reports suggesting that Samsung hoped to launch the device during Mobile World Congress in February.

The Galaxy X will reportedly measure seven inches diagonally when flat; for comparison, the iPad Mini 4 tablet measures 7.9 inches diagonally. To fit in your pocket, Samsung’s phone will fold in half “like a wallet”.
One side of the smartphone will have the primary display , while the back of the device would also feature a secondary “display bar” on one folded side and cameras on the other side.



The price tag for the smartphone is expected to be more than $1,500 (about £1,150 / AU$2,000).

Samsung is also expected to launch its brand new Galaxy Note 9 in the August this year.

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