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Does your smartphone battery goes down fast ?

This might get you better results

Low battery time is one of the biggest issues with the smartphones these days. And that is why the manufacturers are bringing new software updates to their flagships to maximize the battery life of their products.

There are a few strategies you can use to conserve a smartphone’s battery power, says Rich Fisco, CR’s head of smartphone testing.

To start,

  • go to your phone’s Settings > Battery menu to see whether you have a “low power mode” or “battery saver” that can be activated.
  • What these do—and you can do à la carte if your phone doesn’t have that catchall setting—is lower the screen’s brightness. Also disable notifications from apps, such as Facebook and Spotify. 
  • similarly if you use an animated wallpaper on your home screen, switch to a static one, such as a photo. Because animations use more battery than photos.

For Android phone owners, Fisco also recommends checking your widgets, which are Android phone features that give you real-time looks at what your various apps are doing. “If they’re live and constantly updating,” he says, “disable or delete them.”

If none of this helps appreciably, check your smartphone battery’s capacity. Recent updates to iOS let you monitor your iPhone’s “battery health” in Settings. You can do the same thing with Android phones by downloading an app called AccuBattery which shows original capacity at which the battery is operating. And if it is less than 80% than you need to replace your smartphone’s battery.

Just keep in mind that recently Apple announced $29 battery replacements to the models dating back to iPhone 6. While if you own an iPhone 6s than you might get a free battery replacement.

Source : ConsumerReports

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